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Dear All


Due to conflict of Over due & Non performed Paymaster Agreements which has been signed with our different directors & representative of Aura Solution Company Limited in the period of last one year 40% has not even performed & shameless regards doesn’t have basic/moral  ethics to report the concerning officer to updates of the business well being.


We Aura Solution Company Limited , CANCEL with immediate effect any Agreement signed before 31st December 2020.All the Paymaster Agreement Signed before 31st December 2020 is CANCELLED (More specific Indian,Pakistan,Malaysia & African only ).


For further if you wish to continue the Agreement report us immediately on :

     KAAN EROZ, Managing Director

           Alireza Moshtaghi , Managing Director :


Instructions for Customers



All & any  agreement signed with Indian, Pakistan & Malaysian clients been cancelled with immideate effects from the date of 25th March ("Termination of Paymaster Services")