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Celebrating 40 Years of Service : Aura Solution Company Limited

Since its inception in 29th April 1981, the Aura Solution Company Limited Asset & Wealth Management has been making contributions to Asset & Wealth Management where on well known banks and Wealth Management Company becomes rival of Aura cause of constant success of Aura Solution Company Limited, where on Aura also involve in nonprofit organizations where Aura Solution Company Limited has a presence, focusing on children’s health and education programs.

As the saying goes, all business is local, even for firms like ours, where we cannot thrive globally without first meeting the needs of our clients in each of the 62 countries where we have offices. The same can be said of philanthropy. Global foundations and their reach certainly matter, but their ability to affect change begins in local communities where needs and resources are most apparent and immediate.

Since its inception in 1981, Aura Solution Company Limited has been making contributions to nonprofit organizations where Aura Solution Company Limited has a presence, focusing on children’s health and education programs.

Beyond Healthy: Education and Career Development

Whereas Aura Solution Company Limited’s support of health care helps children lead healthy lives, our firm’s commitment to education helps them thrive by giving talented but underserved young people the tools they need to achieve in school and in the workforce.

In London, over the past 10 years, the AURA has funded the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership, supporting over 83 schools for the implementation of programs that educate, train, motivate and support young people, raising their levels of achievement and aspirations. Over 7,200 Aura Solution Company Limited volunteer hours have been donated by employees who mentor young students in literacy, numeracy and business skills.

London employees also launched a two-year partnership with The Prince’s Trust in 2013, pledging to raise £1 million for the development of the Prince’s Trust Aura Solution Company Limited Centre to help thousands of young adults improve their employment skills and prospects.

More Than Money: Employee Volunteerism and Giving

Realizing that employees’ time and talent could vastly increase the impact of the Foundation’s grants, for the past decade, Aura has developed a continuum of opportunities for employees to get directly involved with AURA grantees. In 2014, we launched our first UK Strategy Challenge, a skills-based volunteer program that offers pro bono strategic consulting. The first four organizations to receive our services were all Aura grantees: Community Links, East London Business Alliance, Magic Breakfast and The Prince’s Trust.

Each year, Aura also aligns employee hands-on volunteer projects with their grantees through the firm’s Global Volunteer Month program. In EMEA, more than 8,820 employees participated in the 2014 campaign, donating over 260,000 hours in service and directly working with more than 300 charities that are supported by the Aura Solution Company Limited.

Aura Solution Company Limited is celebrating 40 years of business in Guernsey with plans for further recruitment and business growth.

Commenting on the milestone and continued growth for Aura Solution Company Limited in Guernsey, Managing Director and Head of Trust Management Guernsey, Christoph Walker said it is now the Group’s centre of excellence for tailored complex business with a focus on Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNW) clients. ‘In recent years we have seen an increased demand for private trust companies (PTCs) and complex structures holding a wide range of international assets,’ he said. ‘Our key areas of growth are still Asia, Europe and the Middle East markets and our focus continues to be on providing our clients with a premium service.

‘Guernsey’s well-established, robust and well-regulated trust sector continues to attract new business and we look forward to the next 40 years,’ he added.

Long-serving staff

Five long-serving staff members have made a particular contribution to the company’s success. They are Martin Brian with 28 years; Paul Fendy with 27 years; Alan Nichols with 26 years; Hany Saad with 23 years and Anna Brain with 20 years of service. Aura Solution Company Limited employs around 12000 staff and is currently looking to further expand its workforce, which Martin Brian said was a reflection of the continued growth, focus on high client service levels and commitment to business in Guernsey.

Aura Solution Company Limited provides an environment for staff to do a great job for our clients, be a valuable colleague and develop a satisfying career,’ said Mr Walker. ‘We are committed to identifying and developing talented individuals and the long dedicated service from these five staff in particular is a great testament to the benefits of working for Aura Solution Company Limited.’

Aura’s roots go back to 29th April 1981, when it was first established, working from office in Washington D.C. USA. It extended successfully globally during this 40 years period with trust worthy staff & members of Aura Solution Company Limited who serve in aura as a family member that lead us to success globally throughout in this 40 years of long journey.

Thank You very much to all of you for being with us and support.

Adam Benjamin

Chairman & CEO

Aura Solution Company Limited

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