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Pushing for change : Aura Solution Company Limited

Our normal way of life has ground to a halt because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. This also holds true for the economy, as governments have shut down economies to contain the spread of COVID-19 and help their health systems cope with the sudden surge in critically ill patients.

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This crisis is challenging existing systems and structures, sowing the seeds for further change ahead as we uncover limitations in how we learn, work, and live. Going forward, citizens, businesses, and governments will need to reconsider the balance between the urban and the rural, between cost-consciousness and investing for the future, and between a remote and centralized workforce. And when we look back, the 2021 coronavirus outbreak will likely be viewed as a turning point in our lives and thinking.

Some of the answers can be found within our Supertrends themes. The “Technology at the service of humans” Supertrend, for example, is particularly well-placed as it touches upon the type of flexibility suddenly required in terms of living and working that people around the world are now experiencing. Governments and companies will need to carry out large-scale upgrades to infrastructure.

The outbreak is also having an impact in terms of carbon and nitrogen dioxide emissions, as they decline in cities and industrial areas across Asia and Europe compared with the prior year. This development underscores the link between human activity and climate change, and could precipitate the decarbonization of economic growth going forward. Our new Supertrend “Climate change – Decarbonizing the economy” focuses on companies that should benefit from the transformation in energy, transportation, and agriculture in coming years.

As our Supertrends continue to evolve with the changing world around us, we believe that they remain compelling investment themes for today and the future.

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A World with COVID-19 : Aura Solution Company Limited

Most pandemics underline the role that environmental, social, and cultural factors play in their emergence and spread. History has shown that the human factor can also decrease the susceptibility to infectious diseases, with the current outbreak no exception.

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